Leprestore is happy to introduce our WoW Classic Talent calculator! If you are playing Classic WoW, then you are struggling with finding the best optimal well-rounded choice for your talent build. For example, Priest Talent Calculator includesall possible ways to build your tree for multiple choices. So let's get down into it and take a closer look on this utility. Best priest talent spec for leveling is shadow. This class has enough abilities to keep himself alive. But the problem is that you don't have any AoE. So with using WoW Classic Talent Calculator by Leprestore you can choose multiple variations of leveling your character without spending extra gold on re-rolls.


Back in Vanilla everyone was using Mage talent calculator to adapt their builds to leveling and raids. Gold re-rolls are pretty much expensive, especially if you turned yourself a wrong way. There's two best mage talent spec choices - AoE-related and single target. For single target you mostly choose frostbolt build, where you are spamming mob with almost full chill uptime. Blizzard makes AoE build viable, so you can level faster.


Classic has not many classes to offer. One of the worst classes to level is warrior. Warrior Talent Calculator is for sure essential thing, as you always will need to count your points for arms spec (to get benefits from weapon type passive). Without it, it's very hard to calculate right, and make balance between specializations. Best talent spec choice is full arms with 15 points into two others. Makes yourself feel comfortable during mob fights and questing. For dungeons you shall use different types of builds.


Another hated (because very boring and slow) is Paladin. best Paladin talent spec is fully dependant on how you level - solo or in duo or full party. For duo leveling you shall invest points into holy and retribution specs, to keep you both alive. Paladin talent calculator will provide amazing value on choosing your path for solo classic leveling - protection would be main spec with investing some additional points into retri again. Your character would be tanky and pretty much ramping up in DPS measures with level gained. Remember, that paladins are limited to the Alliance. Keep it in mind while you choosing your faction.


Finally we are getting close to better variants of balanced gameplay. First one for sure is a Hunter - great dps, amazing tanking thanks to pet and also some additional extra benefits like fast speed with versatile gameplay choices. Hunter talent calculator will help you navigating through complicated tree with pretty much every spec giving amazing core talents. For solo you for sure should choose beast master core with some marksmanship additions. PVP version of best hunter talent spec is beast mastery with survival mix, providing low dps values, but amazing crowd control (CC) and survivability among sustained damage on time abilities. Hunter for sure is the best class in Classic to play for fresh players, don't hesitate to take a look on it.


Druid talent calculator is also crucial for new players or those who never played, because Feral and Guardian have combined trees. That means you will have to choose between balance or feral core to level up. Best druid talent spec is fully dependant on your playstyle, party size or way of leveling. Melee variant will help you to kill single mobs, while ranged is great for AoE or dungeons. Make sure you invest some points into restoration as you will need sustained healing all over your hours of gameplay.


So we have two classes left to discuss - Shamans and Warlocks. Shamans are Horde-bound class, you can't pick it on Alliance side in Classic WoW. Shaman class calculator is giving same benefits as druid one. The thing is that this class has 3 ways to progress - ranged and melee dps or a healer. Based on your playstyle, you choose best shaman talent spec. As mentioned above, don't forget to throw in something into healing branch. That will help you to speed up your progression through locations. For dungeons we would advise going full restoration with a few points into Elemental.


Warlock is a great caster class with one main playstyle under three different degrees. Best warlock talent spec is undefined as you can do whatever you want. The only thing you will need to work on is demon summon. That means Warlock talent calculator helps you to save tons of gold with playing around all three specs. All of them are great, so choose whatever fits you the most.


Of course, we didn't talk much about PVP side of Classic WoW, but this is a topic of another article. Our advices are mostly based on classic leveling boost of your character. If you have friends to play with - play around some AoE on casters or tank specializations on these you are able to do it on. And if you don't want to spend 150 to 250 hours on reaching level 60, you always can order Classic leveling carry (https://classic-us.leprestore.com/product/leveling-preorder/) on our website. Cheers!